Toyota’s ‘highlander’ interior: How to make it fit in your home

The new highlander, which Toyota says will hit showrooms in 2018, comes with two sets of seats and a steering wheel.Inside the car, there are 12 interior areas and three “sport” areas.The interior of the highlander is the first time Toyota has introduced a hybrid interior, and it features a “sporting” steering wheel and a

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Mercedes-Benz interior design careers: What’s the best career?

With the launch of the new Mercedes-AMG EQ SUV, it appears the brand is taking a different approach to interior design, with a new line of “premium interior” vehicles that look and feel much more like luxury vehicles than their predecessors.And while some of these vehicles have been designed to appeal to younger generations, others

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Mercedes Benz interior: BMW interior is more stylish, more functional

Mercedes Benz has unveiled the new BMW interior that combines a contemporary design with the latest technologies to provide you with a premium experience.The new interior design offers a modern approach to comfort, which is also a result of the new platform, with the interior designed to be as comfortable as possible.The BMW interior incorporates