A photo of a living room, fabric scheme in greens, a collage of different textures and colors, and photo of a rainbow of fabric swatches.



The fabrics & textiles we choose for our homes—including how they perform & how they ultimately look together—are crucial in achieving a style that looks polished & feels complete.


From rugs to window treatments & bed skirts to throw pillows, we take the guesswork out of fabric selection, proper application & pattern mixing to help you finish off a compelling interior design plan.



  • 2 different fabric schemes for 1 room, with 8 fabrics each
  • 2 colorful fabric stories full of inspiring imagery
  • Up to 12 fabric samples, as needed
  • Detailed performance info & placement recommendations
  • Shopping list outlining costs & info for self-serve product purchasing

Allegra can also place fabric orders, coordinate deliveries & pass on her trade discounts for an additional $99.

Choosing the right fabric is the key to creating a polished space.

We eliminate the guesswork.