What is this E-Design, anyway?

Allegra tackles the E-Design, or electronic design, of your space entirely online—no matter where you live! Nope, she doesn’t come to your home—and it’s the single best way to achieve professional results specifically tailored to your budget and timeline.

Why Choose E-Design?

If you feel like hiring and working with an interior designer is simply out of your reach—both financially and logistically—E-Design is the (best and easiest!) way forward.

You’re a busy person! E-Design saves you time and money—and you’ll still get that unique, eclectic, layered space that Allegra is known for creating.


How exactly does E-Design Save you Time?

A You & Yours E-Design saves you time via a collaborative process that allows you to be as involved or uninvolved as you’d like—and the completion of your space is driven by your own schedule. As long as you don’t mind taking a few measurements, pictures of your space, and then tackling installation on your own, E-Design is for you.

What about Money?

With You & Yours E-Design packages, you know exactly how much your design services will cost—no surprises. You’ll never go over-budget as you may with a designer who comes into your home and charges you travel time, phone time, email time & more, and whose time is usually billed by the hour. Plus, Allegra is the consummate Smart Shopper: Not only does she have access to thousands of trade discounts (which she will gladly extend), she once owned her own vintage furniture & home décor shop in Brooklyn, New York—so she knows sourcing—and she also knows her bargains from her Budget-Busters.

Why Choose You & Yours Over those Larger Online Design Platforms?

Full disclaimer: Allegra has actually worked with one of the most popular online interior design platforms out there, so she knows exactly what these types of companies can and cannot deliver.

Some restrict the brands from which designers are able to purchase products, while others have staunch limits on how long projects should take (regardless of scope). They typically get it wrong—really wrong—when matching a designer with a client and they’re notoriously sales-y and overly aggressive when it comes to asking if you’ll work with them again. Many of these larger companies also can’t give you the discounts that an independent designer like Allegra can provide and their product ordering systems are clunky at best.

When you chose to undertake your E-Design project with Allegra, you’ll get a highly customized design experience with all the perks of an interior designer who comes into your home—no matter where you are.