Our Process.

Your Airbnb Refresh project gets rolling once you've purchased the package. Then, you'll fill out our short-term rental questionnaire & attach pics of your space. (See: Tips on how to photograph a room.)

Within 24 hours, we'll get started & within 5 business days you'll receive a concept board, a shopping list & detailed setup instructions.

Our 30-minute Q&A call will automatically be scheduled (you'll get a calendar invite) roughly 2.5 to 3 weeks later, allowing for time to order & receive your items.

If you'd like Allegra to place orders for you (+$149), email us to set it up.

Start your Airbnb Refresh project today!

A photo collage of Pinterest pins. One features a snake on a rug with a green background, zebra & leopard patterns, a charcoal zigzag rug and a small brass antelope.

We Love Pinterest Collaboration.

We use Pinterest to collaborate with our clients because of its ease of use & because it can be accessed from virtually anywhere.

Not only is Pinterest a rich visual tool, it's also a useful means for you to collect inspiration & discover new design ideas. Think of Pinterest as the web-based pin board that keeps all of our ideas organized.

Start pinning today!