Toyota’s ‘highlander’ interior: How to make it fit in your home


The new highlander, which Toyota says will hit showrooms in 2018, comes with two sets of seats and a steering wheel.

Inside the car, there are 12 interior areas and three “sport” areas.

The interior of the highlander is the first time Toyota has introduced a hybrid interior, and it features a “sporting” steering wheel and a sport steering wheel-mounted center console.

The rear seats are similar to the Toyota Highlander’s.

They come in two colors, the black and white.

The highlander’s “sports” area has a touchscreen display with two customizable options for different sports modes: “Sprint” mode with paddle shifters and “Walk” mode for the traditional two-seater.

The Sport mode allows drivers to “drive like a pro” and “drive fast” while “tread carefully,” Toyota said.

The driver also can change the sound system, “enhance the entertainment” and adjust the sound level.

The steering wheel includes a “steering column,” a joystick that’s used to steer the vehicle.

The wheel can also be tilted.

The “tinted windows” are used to illuminate the dashboard.

“We are taking advantage of the fact that most cars in the United States today have a flat, flat screen screen display, so when you’re driving, you can really feel the car,” Toyota product development manager Matt Schuster said.

“It’s a little bit of an enhancement.”

Schuster added that the new car’s steering wheel can adjust from the traditional four-point, five-point or six-point directions to “any of the five directions.”

The steering column can be configured to “adjust from the standard four to the six-points or to the five to the four.”

Toyota says the new highland will be priced between $35,000 and $45,000.

The Toyota Highlander is a hybrid vehicle with electric power, and the company says it can run on electricity for about 40 hours on a single charge.

The Highlander has the same number of horsepower and torque as the Mercedes Benz E-Class, which comes in at 3.2-liter and 3.7-liter.

In terms of price, the Mercedes is $70,000, while the Highlander is $54,000 in the U.S. Toyota said the highlanders “features a new hybrid powertrain that delivers significantly greater efficiency and lower emissions,” but said that it will cost more to run the car on electric power.

The company did not say what the company will do to charge the new Highlander.

In its press release, Toyota said it will sell the highland for $40,000 at dealerships and $55,000 on the road.

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