Why Volvo XC60 will get the ‘xC60’ badge and not the ‘X’ name?


Volvo has said it will be releasing a range of cars with the XC moniker next year and it has made it clear that this will be its entry into the premium segment.

Volvo’s announcement has been met with mixed reactions, with some arguing that Volvo X C60 cars will not be called Volvo, while others are predicting that it will come out with the new XC model first and then introduce the X C70 SUV.

Volvo has released a teaser image for the upcoming XC70 SUV in the United States, with a hood scoop similar to that of the X50, which is believed to be the new name of the new SUV.

However, Volvo is yet to reveal a name for the next model, with the teaser image being the first public glimpse of the Volvo X70.

While there is no official word yet on when the next Volvo Xc60 will come to market, it is widely expected that it won’t come out until the third quarter of 2019.

Volvo said that the new Volvo X60 SUV will be the first premium SUV to be launched in the US, with it set to arrive later this year.