What’s in the Corvette C8 interior?


I was excited to take my first look at the interior of the Corvette’s supercar, the C8, but after I drove it, I wasn’t quite sure what to expect.

The interior is pretty barebones compared to its supercar peers, which make up the majority of the car’s interior, which consists of a number of standard equipment and an additional four seats.

In addition to the standard six-way radio, there’s a standard entertainment system and stereo, but there’s no subwoofer, navigation, or a leather seat.

And while I don’t have a lot of complaints with the C9, it’s hard to justify spending $50,000 on a car with the same interior, unless you really need the seats to make a difference.

The only thing that really sticks out is the new Corvette C6.

It’s the same size as the Corvette coupe, which is a good thing, as it’s a more premium car.

The coupe’s interior was very similar to the coupe.

However, the coup is much wider, so the C6’s interior is slightly larger.

But there’s something about the C7 that makes it stand out, especially in comparison to the C5 and C6, which both had much smaller doors.

The C7 was also the first car to get a fully automatic transmission.

While the C2 had a very similar interior to the Corvette, the second generation of the C3 was noticeably smaller.

The new car was much slimmer, which made it easier to see and fit, but the C4 was also much slighter, and had much more space.

The smaller C4’s cabin is also a lot slimmer than the C1, which was a great improvement.

The Corvette C3s interior is more spacious and better than the coupes interior.

But its lack of a subwoofers makes it a bit boring.

The small C4 also is a little disappointing, but if you’re a hardcore Corvette fan, you’ll probably like the C0, which had a much more modern design and was a bit more spacious.

The big C1s interior was much better, but I think you’d have to spend a lot more money for it to get the same level of comfort.

The C6 has more space, but it’s just a tad bit more cramped.

There’s also an option that lets you customize the car with different interior and exterior colors, which isn’t always the case.

The rear seats are comfortable and the door panels are well made, but they aren’t very high quality, and they’re difficult to maneuver around.

You’ll need to use your feet and be careful with the steering wheel, which could lead to accidents.

It might be better to stick with the standard C5’s rear seats.

The big C6 is the car that got rid of the rear seats, but even with them gone, the car feels smaller than before.

The front seats are just about perfect, but you have to be careful about driving around corners because the door handlebars are angled a little bit to the side.

If you’re driving around the city, you might want to try out the new C7’s rear seat.

The convertible C6 also gets rid of rear seats because it’s more practical and has an optional rear-view camera, but those seats are also quite small, and the convertible isn’t very comfortable.

The biggest difference between the couples and C7 is the amount of interior space.

With the CX, you have a much bigger trunk.

The convertible has more storage, but is a bit cramped and a bit heavier than the standard coupe (it’s the only car in the class that has the standard trunk).

With the couple, you get more storage and it has a much smaller trunk.

However the coupled coupe has more room than the convertible, which makes it an easy and comfortable car to drive.

The coupe is slightly heavier than its convertible counterpart, but overall, the extra cargo space is a plus.

The extra storage is a nice bonus, but when you have more cargo than you need, the convertible feels a bit too small.

The optional rear view camera is a great feature for those that want to customize their C6 for their own purposes.

You can even choose between three different rear camera options: 1-inch, 2-inch or 3-inch.

The 3-in-1 camera has a wide angle view, but only allows you to see certain parts of the windshield.

For example, if you are looking at the rear of the front bumper, the 3-pin view will not allow you to take a photo of the bumpers, but will still allow you the option of turning the camera to the left or right.

If the bumper is completely covered, it will still let you take a picture.

I personally like the optional camera, which lets you turn the camera 180 degrees.

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