Inside the Cadillac Escalade interior: The Black Interior is a real thing


Cadillac has officially announced the Cadillac Equinox interior, but you can expect some real blackness to it.

The 2017 Cadillac Escale is the only new Cadillac that’s not a convertible, but the company has managed to squeeze a black interior panel into the sedan.

It’s actually an upgrade to the base cab with a black trim and leather interior, as seen in the photos below.

The black interior is a nod to Cadillac’s heritage and it’s also one of the few interior materials that’s black in color, but also has a matte finish that makes it easy to distinguish.

It’ll be offered in the standard white and black options, as well as a variety of trim levels, including black leather, black leather options, and a limited-edition black trim.

The Black Interior will be offered with three options: The $49,000 black interior and the $68,000 Black Metallic trim, or $59,000 in Platinum and Black Metallic.

You can also pick the $49k and $68k versions for $70,000.

If you’re interested in the Black Metallic, you’ll have to shell out $68.95 for the black interior.

It won’t come with any other exterior options.

The standard Black Metallic interior features a matte black finish that gives it a bit of pop, and it has a slightly higher body-on-frame width.

However, it’s not exactly the most luxurious interior in the world.

The interior will be available in a wide variety of color combinations, with the base black option being available in silver, silver, and black.

The base black trim will also come with a matte matte finish, which looks quite classy.

The Premium Black Metallic Interior will come in two different versions, with a base trim available in Black Metallic and Platinum Black.

Both of these options will be $70k.

If we’re being honest, you won’t find much to complain about here.

You’ll also get a black vinyl accent strip, and the Platinum Black trim will come with Black Metallic accent strips and a Black Metallic stripe.

Both the black trim as well will come standard with the Bose audio system, as will the Black and Black Platinum trim.

Both trim options will also be available with the Audi SQ5 audio system.

The Black Metallic will come without a touchscreen and will be priced at $62k.

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