Audi R8i 2.0T and R8 Plus 2.5T to arrive in UK in spring 2019


A new Audi model has been revealed in the UK, with the R8 I and R9.1 being revealed at the Frankfurt Auto Show.

Both models will be based on the new 2.2T turbodiesel powerplant.

Both are expected to be available in spring of 2019.

The new model has a rear-wheel drive system that will be offered with an electronic assist system, as well as the option to order a dual-zone climate control system.

In the UK it will be available with an Audi-exclusive leather steering wheel and sporty leather steering column.

There is also an optional roof rack.

The car’s rear suspension is claimed to be “the strongest in the world”, but the front axle will have an improved ride height and a new, wider, adjustable coil spring.

The rear suspension has been tuned to be able to cope with the additional weight, and will be upgraded to allow a wider range of differentials.

The new Audi R-spec R8 is expected to come in three trims, with a base model starting at £32,100, a Sport package starting at €38,200, and the R-Spec Premium starting at around £50,800.

It is also expected to offer standard leather seats, a heated front seat, heated rear seats, power seats, and a full range of driver aids.

The UK version of the R model will have a base price of £37,600, while the base price for the R9 model will be £48,100.

Audi has already confirmed the R6 will be priced at £37.400 for the base R8 and £47,200 for the Sport package.

The base R-series will also come with a 2.4-liter turbocharged petrol engine.

Both R models will offer a range of technologies, including the R 8’s “S7” petrol engine and the new Audi-specific S6 electric, which will be the first petrol-powered car in the US.

Both models will also include an active cruise control system, heated front seats, heated steering column, a remote keyless entry system, and an eight-speaker audio system.

The R8 comes with a range-topping 5,000-mile warranty.

The Audi R6 comes with an 8,400-mile (13,200-km) warranty.

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