What’s the best thing about Honda Civic LX hatchback?


Posted November 14, 2018 05:08:24 A new Civic hatchback is on the way and we’re happy to say it’s already here.

The Honda Civic is the latest of Honda’s ‘core’ models to hit the UK market, and while it’s still a tad pricey, we think the price is worth the premium.

It starts at just £19,990 and it’s available from March 2018.

We’re happy the hatchback will start at £21,990, which is still a little cheaper than the Civic, and that it’s only available from February 2019, but we think that price will get you more than the average hatchback.

The Civic’s exterior looks great and it has a lovely dash that feels great.

The seats are also very comfortable and there’s even a rear window on the right hand side.

The interior of the Civic is very comfortable with a number of controls on the centre console.

There’s even an audio system on board, which will let you listen to music while driving.

The keypad and touchpad are also great.

It’s easy to operate, but it does feel a bit heavy when you’re trying to access the navigation system, especially when you switch to cruise mode.

There are no audio controls on top of the dash, but there’s a good amount of storage.

The centre console is fairly large, but the driver’s seat is just wide enough for a small amount of luggage.

It can also hold an iPad.

Honda says the Civic LX will be available in all four colours.

It comes with the standard 5-door hatchback, with an optional 5-seater.

It also comes with a 3-door option, but this is the hatch that comes with front-wheel drive.

The rear of the hatch is pretty wide, so it’s easier to move around in than the front.

You get the same amount of space in the hatch, but because it’s front-drive, you’re able to use a larger number of doors.

The top-speed is rated at 75mph, which isn’t bad for a hatchback hatchback car.

The price is actually pretty decent for a Civic hatch.

Honda says it will start off at £19.990 for the base model and £21.990 later this year.

It’ll be available at all the big cities including Birmingham, Bristol, Manchester, London, Newcastle, Norwich, Sheffield, Swansea and Sunderland.

Hatchback prices will be slightly higher in the summer months, so we’d recommend you buy the hatch from now, before prices start to go up again in February 2019.

The price of the base Civic will be £18,990.