What is the new Subaru Forester?


By now you’ve probably seen the news about the new Ford Focus, a new, much better version of the Ford Focus.

We’ve been hearing about the Focus for a while now, and it was only when the automaker decided to release the new Focus RS that we finally had the chance to see the new car.

In case you missed it, the Focus RS has an all-new front end, a front bumper with a different color, new tires, a different engine, and new tires.

It also has the same body kit as the Focus.

And it’s got a whole new interior.

Ford has done the same thing with the redesigned 2015 Ford Mustang, with the front end changed, a spoiler removed, and a new fascia.

But the 2017 Ford Focus is different.

Instead of just a new look, the car has a whole lot more to it.

For starters, the front fascia and the new interior are completely different.

You can see it in this photo.

This isn’t a car that’s going to sell well, but it does have a few advantages.

First, the interior is pretty cool.

It’s also got a few more options than the Focus, like a new instrument cluster, a digital instrument cluster that uses Apple CarPlay, a heated steering wheel, and an all new heated steering column.

The second thing is that the 2017 Focus RS is the first Ford Focus to have a manual transmission.

Ford says it’s because the Focus is a crossover, so manual transmission is the most logical solution for the Focus lineup.

Ford has said it has plenty of other models with manual transmissions, so the Focus has a good chance of making the list.

All that being said, there are a couple of drawbacks to the 2017 FWD Focus RS.

First of all, the new engine is a turbocharged 4.2L V6 that makes over 200 horsepower and 280 lb-ft of torque.

Second, it will only be available with the 2017 Forester Sport Package.

That means if you want the Focus to be the new standard for the Forester lineup, you’ll have to buy the new Forester.

That said, if you’re looking for a hatchback, this will be the one to go for.

Now, what’s the new rear fascia?

The new front fascias on the 2017 Subaru Foresters are quite different than the old ones.

The front fasciae of the new 2017 Foresters have been completely redesigned, and there are new headlights and taillights.

They’re a little different than what we saw on the Foresters that were new in 2017.

There are also some subtle differences to the rear end of the car.

The rear of the 2017 RS is slightly taller than the rear of other 2017 Forests.

The 2017 RS has a new exhaust system, a wider wheelbase, and updated suspension components.

Also, there’s a new brake caliper, new fender flares, and different front and rear sway bars.

One of the biggest differences between the 2017 and the old RS is that now the rear fasciae has two lines that separate it from the front bumper.

On the old Foresters, you could actually see these lines when the car was upside down.

Here, you can see them from a slightly different angle.

You can also see the two lines on the new RS, and they are much thinner.

Another thing to note about the front of the rear fenders is that there is a new diffuser.

The previous one was a flange that was placed at the front.

It had a big diffuser and was pretty hard to see.

For the new diffusers, there is only a small diffuser that goes under the front diffuser, but the rear diffuser is the same size as the front fenders.

If you look closely, you see that the two diffusers are different colors.

You also can see the different lines that they’re made of.

The new diffusors have been made of carbon fiber and aluminum, which is lighter and more durable.

How does the new roof stack up to the old front fascians?

When we were in the car, we noticed that the new front fender was quite thin.

It seemed a little thinner than the front parts of the old fascia, but not as thin as the old rear fender.

When you looked at the new FWD front fascials, it looked a little bigger than the new ones.

So the new fascias are thinner, but are still quite large.

The seats on the FWD Foresters come with an additional roof rack, but they aren’t really as large as the seats on other Foresters.

They’re not as big as the rear seats on any other Forester, and that’s probably because the new seats aren’t as tall

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