Lincoln Corsair’s cabin is ‘full of fun’


Lincoln Cansair, which was founded by a man who used to work in the U.K. Air Force, has just been granted permission to start flying in the United States.

The Canadian company has been granted a special waiver by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) to fly from Denver to Denver International Airport (DIA), the second stop on its inaugural U.S. flight route.

“Lincoln Cansaire is a family-owned and operated business and has been working to create the best experience possible for its customers, employees and the local communities we serve,” the FAA said in a statement.

“Our commitment to our customers and to our communities extends to ensuring a safe, secure, and enjoyable flight experience.”

The FAA said the approval came after a review of the company’s operations and the aviation environment.

The company is expected to begin flying in early 2018.

The FAA, in its decision, said the company had “made significant progress” in the design and construction of the cabin, including a new exterior design, new insulation and structural elements, and new insulation systems and systems that help prevent damage from weather and other factors.

The company plans to open a small pilot service center in Denver.

The approval comes after Lincoln Csair received approval to fly the Boeing 737 MAX aircraft from Boeing in late 2016, the first commercial flight of the MAX since its debut in 2001.

The Lincoln Ccair website said the cabin was designed by an independent designer and was “fully open for the pilot to observe, operate, and use as he wishes.

It also has a large private kitchen and laundry facilities.”

Lincoln said the 737 MAX will provide the company with an easy, streamlined transition to flight and that it will offer the same comfort and efficiency as the MAX.

The 737 MAX, Lincoln said, will be used for a number of commercial flights and also will be leased for future aircraft maintenance.

The plane is expected in service in 2026.