Jeep Escape interior – Inside detail


The interior of the new Jeep Escape, which is expected to be launched in the United States in the coming weeks, has been revealed.

It will include a sporty interior, a large driver’s seat, and a large dashboard.

The new SUV, which was first shown at the Tokyo Motor Show in April, is designed to compete with SUVs like the Honda Fit and the Nissan LEAF.

Its new features include a 5.5-inch touchscreen that allows the driver to view the road, navigation, audio and navigation infotainment system.

Its front and rear seats fold outwards, making it ideal for larger people.

Inside, the interior will be divided into a main cabin and an all-round lounge area.

There is room for a smartphone, a laptop, a camera, an iPod, a USB cable, and more.

The seats and centre console are made of leather, while the centre console is made of metal.

The driver’s door opens, while doors on the outside allow access to the dashboard.

There is a fully-equipped 4WD unit, with a range of different modes to choose from.

The centre console also has two power outlets, and there is a remote start for the driver and the driver’s assistant.

The front seats fold inwards to make them ideal for large people, while a rear seat is also available.

The interior of a new Jeep Jeep Escape (Image: Jeep)The rear seats are fully-adjustable, while there is also a large, retractable chin-rest.

There are also two small rear window options.

Inside of the SUV there are five different power outlets.

One is a regular-duty outlet that can be connected to a car’s charging port, while another is a 12 volt outlet that provides electricity to the car.

There are also an AC outlet, which can also be used as a power outlet.

The roofline is also adjustable, allowing you to see what the weather is like.

It is powered by a six-cylinder engine that produces 5,400hp and 2,200lb-ft of torque.

The rear wheel is powered on two 12 volt outlets, while it is also capable of being turned into a six and can also handle a 4WD system.

There’s also a fully adjustable wheelbase of 27 inches.

The cabin is very comfortable and has lots of room to move around.

The engine is connected to the driver through a seven-inch-thick steering wheel.

There also is a four-speed automatic transmission.

The doors also have a door lock, which helps prevent anyone from entering the vehicle.

There’s a large USB port, so you can charge your smartphone or your laptop.

The driver’s side doors also fold in towards the rear, and the centre compartment has a rear hatch.

It can also double as a rear-facing camera, and if the driver is in a wheelchair, the driver can lift the rear hatch up.

The two front doors fold in to make room for the rear seats, while they also have an optional hatch, which also opens up to reveal a full-size glove compartment.

There have been rumours that the new SUV will come with a fully electric motor, and this is confirmed in the images.

The door hinges are made from stainless steel and the locking mechanism is also made from steel.

It also has a removable, removable rear window, so the driver may take it for a spin.

The SUV is expected for an initial US price of $24,900.