BMW: ‘We can’t let it get away from us’


BMW’s sales team says the all-new 7 Series, which starts on sale this fall, will be a big hit with the car’s owners.

But as we’ve seen with the 7 Series S and 7 Series GT, there are a lot of people who love the all new models, especially the 8 Series and X5, and they’re not happy with the lack of performance.

Read moreOn Wednesday, the team revealed that it’s taking steps to ensure the 7-Series will continue to drive consumers to BMW and its brands.

That means our focus is on the 7 series. “

The 7 series represents the next step for our growth and for our customers.

That means our focus is on the 7 series.

We can’t allow it to get away and be a little bit different, it’s not possible,” said Heilbrons boss.

The BMW 7 Series will feature a new engine, new body styles and more aggressive styling than the 740i.

The new car will also have a new, lower center of gravity and a new “steering wheel,” an ergonomic steering wheel that sits between the pedals and the steering wheel itself.

Heilbert said BMW also plans to introduce the 7 in a number of markets, including China, Russia, the United States, Australia, Brazil and the European Union.

We’re aiming to introduce a new model, a new brand, in a new segment, he said.

“This new model will be in the 7 line, it will be the 7 sports, and we’ll try to have it as the second sports model after the 7 sedan.”

Read More on Forbes: BMW’s 7 Series hits China for first time, launches on Sept. 9 at the Shanghai Auto ShowThe company said that it has already sold about 100,000 of the 7 models, and that the car is expected to sell about 1 million units in China.

BMW will release the new model in China on Sept 17, with a rollout planned for China’s first major auto show.

The 7-series will be sold in seven models, with the smallest one being the 730i.

It will be available in two different body styles, including a sports car version with a six-passenger seat and a sportier sedan version with more space.

BMW said it will introduce the new SUV in 2019, but it didn’t specify when.

BMW plans to build a new production plant in China and a factory in Japan in 2019.

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