Which Volkswagen interior design is the most stylish?


Volkswagen has unveiled its most stylish interior design yet, with a bold and modern look at the rear doors, fenders and taillights.

The interior of the new Audi A4 sports car is described as “modern, yet stylish” by the company.

The first image released today, featuring the rear of the Audi A3, is a close-up of the side curtain trim, while the second image shows a glimpse of the front doors, the rear bumper and the driver’s-side air vents.

Audi says the new interior is “inspired by the modern Volkswagen Golf and its heritage,” which is a reference to the iconic Golf GTI.

The styling and materials are a bit different from other Volkswagen models, but the company says they are “designed to match the Volkswagen brand, offering premium comfort and performance.”

The interior features the company’s latest all-wheel drive system, including a new four-wheel-drive gearbox with variable torque-vectoring.

Volkswagen has also made the A4 the first car in the company to feature a 7-inch screen, an all-metal front fascia and an integrated rear spoiler.

The A4 will be offered in two models: the base A4 and the premium A4 Plus, which comes with an extra 18-inch touchscreen and a rear spoiler that extends to the roof.

Volkswagen says the A3 is also getting an all new engine with an output of 170 horsepower and 150 pound-feet of torque.

The base model A3 starts at $51,400.

A4 comes in a range of trim levels: the basic A3 starting at $53,300, a Premium A4 starting at around $58,300 and the Premium A5 starting at about $63,500.

Volkswagen is planning to launch a new model, the A5 Sport, in 2019.

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