Volkswagen XC60 Interior: “It’s a classic”


With the XC 60, VW is back with a familiar look and feel for a car that will likely appeal to enthusiasts.

But for the uninitiated, the Xc60 is a compact, all-wheel drive sports sedan that will have its fair share of critics who will point out its lack of power and handling.

Volkswagen has taken a page out of the Mercedes-Benz S-Class’ book with the X60, which boasts a six-speed manual transmission and a 6.2-liter V6 turbocharged engine that delivers 280 hp and 350 lb-ft of torque, the same power as the current XC and XC-S.

And it’s got a lot more than that: the X62 sports sedan also features a sixth-generation Active Active Steering system that can adjust steering angle from 0 to 180 degrees, with its six-speaker, two-motor array offering a maximum of 170 horsepower and 210 lb-of-ft.

The X62 comes with an active noise cancellation system that sounds like a stereo but is actually just a loudspeaker that amplifies the sound.

Volkswagen’s engineering prowess and attention to detail is what sets it apart from other luxury automakers, and the X61 has a similar feel to the X58 but without the expensive paint job.

And, yes, it does sport a V6 engine.

But we’re not talking about an eight-cylinder engine.

We’re talking about a four-cylangored four-stroke engine, the kind of engine that drives the likes of the Porsche Boxster or the Volkswagen Golf GTI.

And Volkswagen has built this car from the ground up to take advantage of the latest technology.

It features a four row grille with LED headlights that have a unique design that changes colors when the driver is in the headlights.

The hood and roof also change colors, and a rear-view camera keeps the driver’s eye on the road ahead.

There’s also an electronic stability control system that provides a steering wheel assist when the car is in motion.

This steering wheel feature, called Active Brake Assist, helps drivers react to road hazards more quickly.

Volkswagen says the system can be activated when the vehicle is accelerating, braking, and steering, and can help with a car’s traction and stability when it’s turning.

And the system is only activated when there is an emergency, which means that drivers will have a hard time turning left or right in the dark if they want to.

The car features an array of different electronic aids to help keep the driver focused on the roads ahead, including a Lane Departure Warning, Rear-Cross Traffic Alert, Traffic Signals, Lane Departs in Reverse, and Lane Depresses when driving over bumps or dips in the road.

But these are the kinds of safety features that will appeal to the average consumer.

And in this case, that’s a pretty good argument: the exterior is a good-looking example of what the interior should look like, with a classic, clean aesthetic.

A lot of the car’s design is reminiscent of the X56 from the X57 and X58, which debuted in 2006.

The new XC has a sleek, futuristic look, but its interior is even more appealing to many buyers.

The instrument panel is now split into three sections: the center area, the driver area, and both the driver and passenger areas.

The center section of the dashboard features a traditional dashboard instrument cluster with a large center-mounted infotainment display.

It’s split into two sections, one for the driver, and one for passengers.

The driver section includes a traditional instrument cluster and a steering column.

It also includes the infotective display and the steering wheel.

The passenger section features a central infotacty display, a standard instrument cluster, and two-way controls.

There is also a large instrument cluster in the driver side center console, which also features the instrument cluster of the current model.

The interior of the new Xc 60 is a classic example of Volkswagen’s effort to incorporate new technology into a vehicle that was once known for being a basic two-door hatchback.

The steering wheel features new gauges and an electronic speedometer that helps keep drivers in the know about road conditions.

There are also new digital instrument displays in the center console that display road conditions such as wind, traffic, and temperature.

The dashboard and instrument cluster are also updated with new digital dashboards, while the infotext display is updated to display fuel economy information.

The seats in the new model are much more comfortable than the seats of the old model, but the rear seats still offer a lot of leg room.

Volkswagen hasn’t confirmed the exact prices for the new models, but we’re guessing they’ll be around $100,000.

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