Why you should get the Kia telltale in your car


Kia’s telltale color is a bit odd, but the company’s marketing team loves to tout it.

So much so that the automaker is currently selling a special color scheme in a limited number of models.

But that isn’t enough to make you want to get one.

Here’s everything you need to know about telltale.1.

Telltale means telltale, not telltale red.

Kia’s “telltale” color is white.

It’s not red, it’s white, which is what makes it distinctive from the rest of the color scheme.

It has a yellow undertone, which looks more like yellow-orange.2.

There’s only one telltale Kia in the world.

And it’s a little bit boring.

It doesn’t have a signature shape, or a recognizable pattern, and it’s never really gotten a lot of attention.

The company didn’t want to give it too much love.

So it came up with its own design for it, and then used that to sell the color.

It was supposed to be a little more exciting, but when it was unveiled, it felt pretty generic.3.

It won’t last long.

The telltale is designed to last five years.

The rest of your car will be a bit longer, because it’s designed to be worn by people.

And then they’ll eventually get a little older.

The colors will wear off eventually, but you won’t have to replace them.

You just get to keep using them.4.

They’re a bit more expensive.

The Kia tellstale will be $29,500, which will be cheaper than most other car colors.

That’s a bit steep compared to other colors on the market.5.

You’ll need to buy two to use it.

The standard telltale will cost you $6,000.

The premium one is $10,000, and the premium telltale has a price tag of $30,000 and comes with a silver trim.6.

The new telltale colors are a bit cheaper.

The price of the Kian tellstale is $17,000 more expensive than the regular one.

But the premium color is $23,000 cheaper.7.

There are other telltale variants, too.

Some are even better than the standard Kia ones.

Here are a few you may want to look into.8.

The first Kia is a special edition.

It comes with special paint, and is also available in red and white.

But this version is the only one available.9.

The second one comes with two different color schemes, and costs a little less.

But it’s not available for purchase until November.

It only comes in white and black.10.

You can pick up two different telltale paint variants at Kia.

One is black and silver, and has a silver rim.

And the other is white and red.