Office decor for a new job


The interior design team at the Ottawa Office of the Chief Financial Officer has been asked to prepare for a hiring transition.

“We are working through all of the issues related to the transition,” said an email obtained by The Globe and Mail.

“As you can see, the office is in the midst of a hiring process.”

The letter says the team is expected to meet in the coming days to discuss “steps to mitigate risk, including those associated with any new hiring.”

The department did not respond to a request for comment.

The hiring of an executive director has long been a challenge in Ottawa, as the province has no other female senior executive director.

But with the appointment of former chief financial officer Michelle DeSouza in the summer, the government has been slowly hiring women into positions.

Among the department’s newest hires is Christine MacLean, a former financial planner with the National Capital Commission.

MacLean is also the chief operating officer for the government of Saskatchewan, a position she was hired last week to fill.

“She is a good choice for the position and she has a lot of experience in the finance industry,” said Julie Stott, a spokeswoman for the federal government.

“It will be interesting to see how she goes about working with some of the departments who are looking for women.”

The Office of Finance is the third-largest office in the federal public service.

It manages billions of dollars of government business.

A spokesperson for the Office of Financial Accountability and Transparency, which represents the federal auditor general, said it would be inappropriate for the office to comment on a personnel matter.

“The office is fully committed to being an inclusive workplace, and the decision to hire Christine Maclean as its first female executive director was not influenced by any specific hiring request,” said Jennifer Klimenko.

“However, the department continues to work to recruit and hire women and minorities in its finance sector.”