Inside the barndoor condo interior, interior paint


The barndorndoor home in the Belvedere neighborhood of Los Angeles is adorned with bright orange paint, as its interior is painted with bright, contrasting colors.

Inside, the house is surrounded by a wide open living room with a full-sized pool, and the living room also includes a large bed.

The barrdoor home has a unique and beautiful style, but it is also well-equipped with amenities and amenities that would be a luxury in any home.

In addition to a pool, the pool is a fully enclosed pool and the kitchen features a large sink.

A new living area, including a dining room and kitchen, was added and a large, double-height bed is available.

The house has two large bedrooms, a living room and a living area that is fully enclosed and with a double-hung bathtub and spa.

Barndoor has also installed a new electrical system that is connected to the house’s energy efficient gas furnace.

The home is available for sale at $4,995, according to