‘I am a white, heterosexual woman’: ‘I will not apologize’


The man in the white, straight interior car is now being referred to as a victim.

A lawsuit filed in federal court in the Southern District of New York alleges that a passenger in the car “intentionally drove a vehicle that was designed to reflect a particular ethnic or racial group” and that he “was the subject of harassment, discrimination, intimidation, and discrimination based on his race, religion, gender, or sexual orientation.”

The suit, filed Monday, alleges that in February 2017, “the defendant’s car was involved in an accident, and the defendant was injured.”

The lawsuit alleges that “in the midst of the accident, the defendant repeatedly asked to have his car back, and was repeatedly told that he could not return the car.

The defendant was told by the driver of the other vehicle that he would have to get in the other car to get his car out of the intersection.”

The driver, the suit says, “was not cooperative and did not comply with repeated requests for him to get out of his vehicle.

Eventually, the driver stopped the car, turned the car over, and refused to let him get out.”

The car, the lawsuit claims, was then struck by a tractor trailer, and “the plaintiff was knocked to the ground and was knocked unconscious.”

The case, which is being investigated by the Federal Bureau of Investigation, is being brought by the National Coalition of Anti-Discrimination Organizations (NCADCO), the group that filed the lawsuit.

The lawsuit also alleges that the car was parked for several hours before being driven by a woman who was not in the vehicle with the defendant, and that “the driver was not wearing his seat belt at the time of the crash.”

The complaint alleges that after the crash, “The defendant stated that the person who struck him was an African American male.

The victim has not been identified.”

The NCADCO said in a statement that it is “deeply disappointed” by the lawsuit and said it is seeking a court order to require the defendant to remove the vehicle.NCADCo president J.T. Karpeles said in the statement that “The National Coalition is pleased to see that a driver has been held accountable for the actions of a passenger, and for the safety of all the passengers and pedestrians on the street.”

“As the lawsuit suggests, it is incumbent on the police and the prosecutors to investigate the crash in order to hold accountable the driver who struck the plaintiff, and ensure the safety and dignity of all New Yorkers,” he said.