How to get a Tesla interior paint job in 2021


A Tesla bus passenger was left in tears on an escalator last week after she found an interior paint work on her truck that was only available in 2020.

Travis Coughlin, a 21-year-old student, said she was shocked to see the interior paint and asked why it was only accessible in 2020 and why it wasn’t available for years after 2020.

She said she got the interior work by chance while working on a project for her friends, but she said she is planning to have her truck repainted in 2019 and 2020.

“I don’t want to take my chances,” she said.

“I’m hoping this will give me the confidence to go back to painting in 2021.”

The interior paint in 2019 was painted by Teslas partner, Tesla, in partnership with the company’s Advanced Technology Vehicle Technologies (ATV Technologies) company.

The paint was supposed to be permanent, but was not.

The 2019 paintjob, which had been done by the Tesla paint company, was the only one available for 2020 and 2020, said Jeff Voss, Tesls paint chief for Fremont.

“We’ve done over 60,000 miles of paint work,” Voss said.

He said the 2019 paint was not done by Tesla but by an independent company that was contracted by the company.

“It’s not a Tesla paint job,” he said.

“The paint that we used is a high-performance, high-volume paint that is produced by Tesla.

It’s a really high-end paint.”

Teslas has not provided the 2019 interior paint.

Voss said the company will send a paint kit to Teslos paint chief, who will decide whether to repaint the interior.

“There will be a paint upgrade, but there will be no major change in the paint,” he explained.

“There will just be an upgrade.”

He said that after a few months of work, the paint will be permanent.

The 2020 interior paint was made by Telsa, but the 2019 is the only paint available for 2019.

Tesles company is currently working with the Advanced Technology Vehicles Technologies company to determine the next paint.

Coughlin said she has contacted Tesla and hopes to get an update on the paintwork, but did not know when it might be ready.

“Hopefully it’s next week,” she added.

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