Chevrolet Equinox Interior: The inside story


Inside the luxurious new Chevrolet Equine SUV, you’ll find the interior that’s been designed to complement the vehicle’s stylish exterior.

Here’s a quick rundown of how it all works.

The cabin is set on the same level as the interior, with two large front seats and a center console with power windows and a touchpad.

On the dashboard you’ll also find a 7-inch touchscreen, a pair of stereo speakers and an integrated audio system.

A 6.1-inch infotainment display with two rows of buttons provides access to navigation, phone calls, media and audio-visual information.

Inside the interior are two large seats that can be folded up for easier storage.

Chevrolet has placed its new Equinux interior, designed by famed interior designer and interior designer Peter Lehrmann, on the front and back of the new SUV.

The company says it’s designed to “give you the best possible driving experience on the most luxurious coupe in the world.”

The interior is set up for comfort, but the design also has an open back with a full-length armrest that allows the driver to adjust the seat back and recline the vehicle.

You’ll find a full leather interior, including a heated steering wheel and pedals, as well as a leather steering wheel cover, a leather instrument panel, a full height rear bench seat, a headrest, heated steering wheels, a heated door handle, heated pedals and heated pedals.

Inside, you can access the entire cabin from the driver’s seat.

The front seats offer four-way power recline and a power armrest, while the rear seats have a full width armrest.

The driver has a full power arm rest and an extra set of legrests for the passenger.

The new Equine also comes with a large cargo area, which allows the passenger to stash their luggage.

The trunk and doors of the Equinoo are also available with a wide berth for easy access to the cargo area and to the trunk.

Inside the trunk, there’s an integrated floor mat, along with a seat belt and shoulder harness.

There’s also a separate rear storage area.

The back seat is a standard four-seater with power arm and legrest support.

There is a rear bench and a full length armrest for the driver.

The rear seat backs up to the front seat, with a height adjustable legrest.

The driver can adjust the driver seat height to adjust from a comfortable height to a more upright position, and the driver can also adjust the passenger height to increase the height of the driver or passenger.

The passenger side seats are available with an adjustable knee height adjustment, and there is a fully-adjustable footrest.

There are two power arm rests, two power legrest and a handrest.

There is a full volume knob for the full height adjustment of the footrests.

There also is a footrest for changing the height and height of a passenger.

There will also be a passenger side seat belt, and a footbelt for the car’s passengers.

There aren’t any rear seats, although there is an optional removable legrest to add a legrest for those who wish to be able to sit in a rear seat.

The new Equina is powered by a 2.0-liter EcoBoost V6, which makes 280 hp and 255 lb-ft of torque.

The engine can be upgraded with an all-wheel drive system that makes 400 hp and 350 lb-ton of torque, and is also available in a 6.0 liter V6 turbocharged engine.

There’s a full set of leather interior for the new Equinoce and all-new Equinollis, including leather seats, a power steering wheel, pedals, steering wheel controls, a six-speaker audio system, a stereo speaker and a rear-view camera.

The seats have adjustable recline angles and a knee height adjustable.

The seats are adjustable to a comfortable seat height of 18 inches and a height adjustment from 18 inches to 17 inches.

The doors are adjustable and have a fully adjustable leg and knee adjustment, with an optional legrest, and have full height legrest adjustments.

There isn’t a headboard.

Inside you’ll get a full weight-saving package with all-season tires, heated front seats, heated rear seats and rear seat back-rests, as a full suite of exterior and interior amenities, including heated floor mats, heated windshield wipers, heated doors, heated seats and headrests and a heated windshield wiper.

Inside there are five outlets, including an electric power steering, and two audio and USB ports.

There’re a full range of USB ports, including one that can charge a smartphone.

There have also been several updates to the exterior and exterior lighting, including the addition of a new LED-backlit roof, new LED lights in the front of the car and an LED daytime running lights.

The exterior of the newly redesigned Equinax interior includes