Auto repair shop finds an old car for $5,000


A car repair shop in California discovered a $5 million car that was once parked outside in an abandoned warehouse.

The vehicle is an Acura Mdx.

According to the owner, it’s a 1974 Mercury Cougar, which had been stolen from a parking lot in the San Fernando Valley in the mid-1990s.

The car was discovered by a group of friends on the weekends, and they were amazed when they saw it in the garage, and realized that it was a new car.

After getting the car back, the owner decided to sell it to the local salvage yard for $10,000.

It’s currently parked in the warehouse where the owner works, and he’s hoping to use the money to start a new life.

The garage is just south of the Los Angeles International Airport, and it’s been vacant since 1995, according to the Los Angles Daily News.

The garage is surrounded by parking lots that once housed airport terminals, so it’s likely that the Mdx had some passengers on board.

The salvage yard owner says that the car was parked out of necessity, as the owner could not find a car to fit the Midsize Sedan’s roof, which was too small for the car.

The car also had a large flat tire, and a car battery that was running low.

The owners of the car told The Associated Press that they will use the proceeds from the sale of the vehicle to pay for medical bills and help cover other expenses.

The Mdx was stolen in September 1996, when the owner of the garage was fired by the city of Los Angeles for stealing the car and damaging a nearby building.

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