When Will ‘Star Wars: The Last Jedi’ Return? Here’s What To Expect


When Disney’s Star Wars: Episode IX hit theaters in December 2017, it was hailed as one of the biggest, most ambitious, and best-reviewed movies of all time.

It was an important step toward introducing the world to new characters and storylines.

And yet, after a few months of moviegoing, we can finally expect the movie to go back to its roots.

And for the last few weeks, we’ve been learning a little bit more about the future of the story.

The first hints of the film’s new direction came from an announcement from Disney’s chief creative officer, Bob Iger, at Disney’s D23 expo this week.

“In 2019, we’re going to release ‘Star War: The Force Awakens,’ and we’re starting with a bang,” he said.

Iger said he was excited about the idea of revisiting the story of the original trilogy with a new “mission,” and that “Star Wars” will continue to play a role in the film.

That doesn’t necessarily mean that the story will be completely new, or even that we’ll see a completely new cast of characters.

But there will definitely be new characters, and the movie’s story will continue in a new direction.

And there are a few things we know about “The Force Awakens.”

Iger also announced a new villain, one who we don’t know a lot about yet, but that is said to be “an old foe from the first film.”

“What we know so far is that he’s from ‘Star Trek: The Next Generation,’ so he’s been around for a while,” Iger explained.

And “The Last Jedi” will be the last “Star Trek” movie before it was rebooted.

It seems the movie will have a new set of characters that we haven’t seen before, but one of them is a mysterious and powerful character named Kylo Ren.

I told you there was a twist.

But I didn’t quite get it.

We know Ren is the leader of the Resistance, and that he is the ultimate villain in the “Star War” universe.

In an interview with IGN, “The First Lady” Leia Organa revealed that Ren has the ability to control Force lightning.

“The lightning has the power to rip a hole in reality, and it’s not the most practical thing to use, but I don’t care, because I want it,” she said.

“You can make the lightning, but you can’t control it.

You can’t use it to rip holes in reality.”

So Ren’s ability to create the storm in the stormtrooper armor is one of those “Star wars” twist that we didn’t see coming.

The “Force Awakens” story is also being revamped with a vengeance.

I think that I can say with a lot of confidence that we will see the same people in both the “First Force Awakens” and “The Final Jedi” films.

In a press release from Lucasfilm, the director of the films, J.J. Abrams, confirmed that “the new film will be about the Force as it exists today.”

That means it will be set after “The Phantom Menace,” and “the Force Awakens,” with new characters joining the story, new stories being told, and new characters that are not directly related to “The Old Republic.”

Abrams said that “The Empire Strikes Back” and the “Return of the Jedi” trilogy were two of the best examples of stories that are being told in a different way.

Abrams said the new films are all “about the story and characters of Star Wars” and will explore the characters, the story elements, and “why we do what we do.”

“We don’t want to go backwards, and I don, as a storyteller, want to say, ‘It’s the way it was in the original films,'” he said, “but we want to see what happens.

And that’s a challenge.”

I’m going to be watching this movie with a wide open mind.

So if I’m expecting some kind of story of “The Dark Side” or “The Return of the Sith,” that will be welcome news.

But as we head into the fall, I think the most exciting and important aspect of the “The Star Wars Story” that will not change much over time is its mythology.

This isn’t just the original Star Wars.

There are elements from the original film that are going to come back, as well as elements that are completely new.

That means that we won’t be seeing the same characters that appear in the movies for the first time.

We’re going back to the old “First Jedi” universe, and we’ll be getting a new character who is new to the world.

The story will evolve as we continue the film, as will the tone.

It’s a story that is going to continue to evolve over the next year or two.

It will be interesting to see how that evolves, but