How to buy a classic car from the inside out


The interior of your classic car is the most important part of it, but it is also the most expensive part.

That’s the conclusion of a new BBC Sport guide to the interior, which looks at the most iconic and original interior designs from the past and presents them in an accessible and entertaining way.

This guide shows you how to find the right interior for your car, from the very best of the 60s and 70s to the latest and greatest of modern designs.

Here are some of the key elements to consider when buying a classic: colour The colours that appear in the interior of the car.

You can find the classic colour palette by clicking on the “Colour” link on the left of the home page.

A range of colours can be found in the Classic Colour section of the Homepage.

For example, the grey and blue of the modern-day Porsche 928 looks very much like the old colour scheme of the 1960s Porsche 356.

This is because the classic style is one of the most distinctive styles of the 1970s and 1980s.

You may also find it useful to browse the interior catalogue to see if there are any other classic models with similar styling.

There are also several colours of the classic, such as the silver and gold of the McLaren 300, the yellow and orange of the Ferrari 250 GTB and the pink and blue colours of classic-era Mercedes-Benz models.

A classic car’s colour palette can vary depending on the era, so if you’re buying a car that has a very similar interior to a very different car, it’s worth checking it out.

Find a classic interior The interior can look very different depending on where it was built.

If it was a luxury car, then it might be the case that it has a bright interior.

If you’re a collector of classic cars, you may want to pick up an old car to try out before you buy.

This could be a very attractive car, or it might just be a great example of a great design.

But if you want to look at something that was built for the most part during the early days of the cars production, then you’ll want to consider looking at the interior.

You’ll want a car from that era, or a car built in the 1980s and 1990s.

If the interior was built during the 1970 or 1980s, it might have a different design than a car currently on sale today.

For instance, you’ll need to look for a very clean and well-made interior if you are looking for an example of an early 80s Porsche 954.

There’s a good chance that the interior you’re looking at has already been in the house for a long time.

If your car has a good exterior, you might also be able to spot some of its original touches.

You might also find that a classic vehicle’s exterior is not as pristine as a modern car.

For that reason, it can be helpful to have a look around to see what makes it stand out.

To do this, open up the Classic Homepage and choose “Home” from the menu.

From the menu, choose “Find an example”.

You should then see a list of the interior models available on the website.

You will see the original interior design and details, including the model number.

If that’s not all there is, then a look at the catalogue can give you a more detailed look at a particular interior.

For many classic cars it’s possible to see just the model, the year and the model’s manufacturer, if you choose to do this.

If so, then the car will have been built by Porsche, the same company that made the cars iconic supercars.

The catalogue will also show you the specific model, colour and model year.

If there’s an older version of the same car available, then those details will also be available.

This makes it easier to compare a specific car to a specific model.

For the first time, it also makes it possible to find a specific vintage model.

If, for instance, a Porsche 964 has a yellow interior, it may be possible to compare it to a 964 with a blue interior.

This can be a useful way to find out whether a particular model is the original or an example.

For an example, if a classic Porsche 934 was built between 1960 and 1970, then an older model might be a good way to check it out if you have a similar look to a similar-looking Porsche 940.

If not, then looking at a car’s interior is a good start.

Check out the classic car catalogue You may be interested in: Classic car design by BBC Sport

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