How to drive a Tesla Model X for free


The Tesla Model S is a beast of a car, but it’s not the most affordable car on the planet.

To see if it can compete with the likes of the Ford Fusion and Nissan Leaf, we set out to find out what it would cost to rent a car from a new owner in Australia.

First, we wanted to get a car that could get us home.

We found a rental that was very easy to understand and did not have any hidden charges, but which was not too cheap either.

We decided to rent an E30 M3 for $1,400 per week and found a similar car for $2,500 per week.

That leaves us with a total of $4,800 for the car we would be renting for the whole of the month.

So what’s the deal?

First off, the cheapest rental we could find in Australia for a week was the Ford Escape which we had previously checked out for $12,000 per week, but the price was so cheap that we were not comfortable with the idea of going into the E30 with the lease coming to an end.

The cheaper rental we found, the more we liked it and so we ended up buying the Escape.

The Escape is a car which is quite easy to drive, with a standard 2.4-litre petrol engine, and a five-speed manual transmission with paddle shifters, a full-height steering wheel and adjustable dampers.

This makes it quite easy for the driver to get out of the car if things start going wrong.

It also has a very attractive interior, with the usual suite of standard equipment such as the touchscreen infotainment system, heated seats and heated steering wheel, plus a large rear spoiler and large sunroof.

The exterior is quite spacious and has plenty of room for a front seat passenger, and it’s got plenty of headroom and cargo space for four people.

If you have a spare spare room in the back, you can put the Escape on a trailer to save money.

We liked that the Escape has a wide range of accessories including heated seats, heated steering wheels and sunroofthed pedals, but we also liked that it was easy to see what was going on and get in and out of.

We could tell that it had all the usual features of a luxury vehicle, including its standard petrol engine and the steering wheel being a touch sensitive.

When it comes to the seats, we were impressed by the leather and fabric.

The seats were very comfortable, with no complaints from us when sitting in them.

There was no discernible difference between the leather on the seats and that on the rear seats.

We had no problems getting into the Escape when the sunroosted pedals were not in use and the seats were completely dry.

The cabin has a few extra goodies on board.

There is a large USB charging port on the roof of the rear seat, which is connected to the main charging port in the dash, and there is a USB port for charging your phone or laptop.

We also found that there was a built-in GPS which can be used to find your position in relation to the vehicle.

It’s not perfect, but you can always take it off if you want to.

The audio system is standard and not too bad.

There are two types of speakers and they’re located on either side of the dash.

The driver’s and front seat passengers have the option of choosing between two different sound systems.

You can choose between a standard stereo and a Dolby Atmos, which we found to be better for our purposes.

The sound quality is good, but there is some distortion when listening to music, which can affect your enjoyment of the driving experience.

There’s also a surround sound option which you can activate if you’d like to hear what’s going on around you.

This option is located in the centre of the dashboard.

It sounds pretty good, with plenty of bass and a decent amount of detail.

We like the ability to adjust the volume of the speakers to get the most out of them.

When listening to our tunes on Spotify, it seemed to be a little too loud for us.

When we tried to turn down the volume on the system using the volume knob, we got a little muffled sound.

However, there was no noticeable effect on the car.

In terms of navigation, the system works quite well.

It offers quick access to the driver’s seat and the gear shift lever, and we found that we could use the touchscreen to quickly access the various screens.

There were no noticeable problems in navigating the car when using the touchscreen.

The keypad is fairly large and has some feedback that you can use to get feedback on your actions.

There isn’t a dedicated button for turning the key on, but in some areas you can access it from the touchpad.

We really like that it’s possible to turn the key by just moving your finger

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